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Python Scripting : Create Auto Wind Effect On Foliages

Auto Wind Effect - Features
1. Prefix can helps to give Wind Effect for more no of polygons in one scene
2. To automate foliage rigging with scaling option for wind effect.
3. It works on all Polygons.
4. It decides maximum distance from selected vertices for deformation.
5. Manually we can decide deformation area by entering both end vertices
6. Attributes are added to generated wind control at base vertex
7. Decide the Base to End (i.e., Top to Down or Down to Top) by Reverse Setup Direction Option
8. No. Of Joints Options can helps to give more flexibility of wind effect


Unknown said...

i have some bundles from xfrog libraries.but those are only .xfrog fromat..not maya format..
so those are open in maya help of xfrog plug in.but i import a tree,in ouliner it shows only tree's mesh like a object,can u explained how to animate tree branches,leaves simultaniously.
In maya format they gave branch controls in attribute editor,but in xfrog format they woud'nt..thank u

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about xfrog. In maya basically, they provide complete set-up along with tree, so that we can animate.

Graham Lamb said...

This looks great any chance to share this script?