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as_HyperPoint (Auto Bird Rigging) : Auto Joints Placer


"Now joints' placement for bird rigs is just a piece of cake.."
Introducing as_HyperPoint(Birds) with as_EasyBird (Auto Bird Rigging Tool)
Tested and proven on many bird rigs in production. Tight integration with as_EasyBird Tool.

asNode -- A Node Based Auto Rigging In Maya (Part 01 : Video Tutorial)
asNode played major role while developing as_HyperPoint for as_EasyBird.
With this, Development time has been reduced drastically.
Here goes the link about asNode:

Watch as_EasyBird Other Videos:
1. Auto Bird Rigging In Maya (Crow Rigging)
2. Auto Bird Rigging : Presentaiton on tail controls
3. Rigging Wing Feathers on Peacock

Hope you enjoy it ..

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