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Python Scripting : Auto Bird Rigging In Maya



PauloAnimator said...

hello my friend, my name is Paul, I am 3d animator in Brazil, I wonder how do I access this rigg your self so you can do some tests.
I found your amazing work. Congratulations!
my contact:

Subbu said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for appreciation. Right now, this rig is not available for sharing. Once it is available, I will let you know :)

Unknown said...

hi this is manisuresh..i am a student of pixelloid,,hyd.
I think ur the one who writes scripts
for maya in hyderabad.
i am very intrested in rigging and dynamics.
i like this'Python Scripting : Create Auto Wind Effect On Foliages'..
i want small dought.would u explain it ?

johnny Den said...


johnny Den said...