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his Beware the Batman - 101 - Hunted


Worked as a Character Supervisor for this TV series. Designed some of the tools like: as_AutoClavicle, as_SilhoutteCtrl, as_EasyZipper and Hair rigging tools. Developed various tools and solutions for Multi Layered Hair rigging for Katana like characters..

Advanced Hyper Skinning System (Art & Technic) -By Subbu Addanki


My dream for the past 2 years has come true. as_HyperSkin is a result of 2 years R&D.
Finally, Scripting has proven it's potential in Skinning also.
My ambition is to develop one script to handle all skin tasks for all rigs(Bi-ped, Quad, Snake, Bird etc..)
Now we are seeing here :)

as_HyperSkin (Advanced)
Tentative Release Date: 28/02/2013

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1. Disc & Volume Based Hyper Skinning System (Easy to Editable Discs)
2. New Attrs : BlendMethod & BlendValue (Customize Your Each Joint Skin)
3. Volume Preservation At All Areas Including Shoulders & Hips
4. Works On Any Rig (Biped, Bird, Quad, Snakes etc.)
5. Reduces Most Of The Skinning Process
6. Works On Selected Vertices
7. Retain Default Skinning On Selected Vertices
8. Hyper Smooth - Automated Smooth Process
9. Auto Creation of 'Advanced Discs' & Their Usage.
10. Generates Skinning From Scratch..
11. Tight Integration With Auto Rigs (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig, as_EasyQuad etc.)

Watch Other Hyper Skin Videos:
1. Hyper Skinning System -v1.0:
2. Hyper Skinning System -v0.4 :
3. Skinning Transfer :
4. Snake Rigging Tool Kit:
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Welcome to the world of Automation (Auto Rigging Junky)

Automated Multi Snakes Animation -By Subbu Addanki


We need to automate and animate multiple snakes initially planned for 200 snakes.
These snakes are magical snakes : They are flying in the air, jumping in to flames, crawling on the ground and then falling in to pit.

All these actions (animation) is achieved by automated multiple snakes animation

as_MultiSnakes & as_MultiPaths : Features
1. Automation of Multi Snakes Animation
2. Multi Snakes Crawling On Body
3. Multi Snakes Crawling On Floor
4. Automated Wave Motion For Snakes
5. Travel Along Motion Paths
6. Automated Multi Paths Creation On Ground and Body
7. Special Tools For Editing Snakes Animation
8. Automated  Attachment Of Snakes to Motion Paths
9. Multi Snaks Integration With as_EasySnake (Auto Snake Rigging)

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Character Simulation With PhysX Ragdolls


Simulated Character With Physx Ragdolls.
All the results shown here are from direct simulation only.
Developed Auto Ragdoll Script for creating ragdoll setup and joint limitations for Character Simulation.
Limited the Ragdoll rotations as per human limitations.
Proper ragdoll Weighting has been given at appropriate areas like Hips, Chest and Wrist etc
Have tested falling characters for soldiers for Maghadheera movie.
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Hyper Skinning System For Maya (Art & Technic)


My dream for the past 2 years has come true.
Finally, Scripting has proven its area in Skinning also. 
My ambition is to develop one script to handle all skins in all rigs. Now we are seeing here

It Automates Skinning Process In Maya by combination of Art & Technic

1. Volume Preservation At Shoulders & Hips
2. Reduces Most Of The Skinning Time
3. Works On All Rigs (Biped, Bird etc.)
4. Works On All Selected Vertices
5. Retain Default Skinning On Selected Vertices
6. Start Hyper Skinning From Default Skin 
On Selected Vertices At Any Time
7. Hyper Smooth - Automated Smooth Process

Modules Used
eRig, eMath, spRig

Work In Progress
1. Runtime Skin Correction at various poses
2. Special tools for Better feel at elbow areas
3. Tight integration with Auto Rigs (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig etc.)

Python Scripting : Auto Bird Rigging In Maya


Modular Rigging System: Auto Bird Rigging

This 'Module Rigging System' involves 6 individual scripts as detailed below

 eRig ( Maya Module ) 
Helps to reduce typing of coding up to 60% for main scripts like as_EasyBird
It consists 50 attrs like snapTo_Vtx, createCurv etc. It is module for maya programming.
You can watch one of the many functions of 'eRig' here: eRig_UnfreezeRotation

2. eCtrl ( Maya Module ) -- It creates 50 different controls for any auto rig
3. as_EasyBird -- Its for main auto rigging of bird
4. as_WingFeather -- It rigs feathers so intelligently.
5. as_AutoAnim -- Creates various options from one fly cycle
6. as_MirrorBirdAnim -- It mirrors one side anim to another side

Rigging & Scripting Show Reel -2011 : Anaganaga O Dheerudu


Done following tasks in this movie: Anaganaga O Dheerudu

1. Created Auto Wind Rigging on foliages
2. Auto animation for tongue and hair snakes
3. Scripting for grill snake rigs
4. Rigged all hair snakes and hair with programming
5. Provided path animation for all snakes in this movie
6. Animated in-between hair snakes and hair with scripting
7. Wave motion in flying hair
8. Arranged and animated all multiple snakes crawling on ground and body as shown in this below link:
9. Provided many tools for animators to edit these multiple snakes
10. Rag-Doll simulation for falling snakes:
11. Development of Auto Rigging for insects (butterflies)
12. Developed many Auto Snake Rigging tools based on situation

Auto Skinning R&D - (Art & Technic)


Python Scripting : Modular Rigging

1. Developed this tool to reduce the skinning process up to 75% after default skinning by measuring the bone length along the skin.
2. Right now it works for biped rigging.
3. Shortly Am doing for Quadruped also.
4. Art & Technology combined.

Modules Used
eRig & eMath

Coming More Features
1. 2 Bone Skinning
2. Angular Skinning
3. Pose Skinning

Python Scripting : Snake Kit -Auto Snake Rigging

Modular Rigging System : as_SnakeKit - Auto Snake Rigging Tool

1.Selection Of Control Shapes
2. Selection Of No. Of Joints or No. Of Controls
3. Flexibility At Ends
4. Selection Type: Curve Or Top Joint
5. Control Type: Grouped Or Cluster Control
6. Control Parent: Individual or Parent To Next Control
7. Random Control Colors
8. Path Animation: Easy Snake Animation
9. Crawl Rig: Sine Movement For Snake In Motion

Due to request from many animators, I am releasing this Snake Rig done by me with as_SnakeKit (Python Scripting) for practice purpose only. It is now available from my website:

Subbu Addanki

Maya Pipeline: Skinning Transfer (Bird Rig)


This is the pipe line script. It is useful to transfer skinning from one mesh to another mesh including influence weights also. Normally it is difficult to select same number of joints and influence objects and do skinning again once mesh changed or unwrapping is done later.

Auto Insect Rigging -Mosquito (Robot-2010)


We have done CG Mosquito for Robot. In this, I have done R&D for Mosquito, there by come up with Auto Rigging for Insects. This Auto Rig is useful for all insects like Mosquito and even for butterfly. This auto rig provides much flexibility at thorax and legs area of mosquito

Python Scripting : Create Auto Wind Effect On Foliages

Auto Wind Effect - Features
1. Prefix can helps to give Wind Effect for more no of polygons in one scene
2. To automate foliage rigging with scaling option for wind effect.
3. It works on all Polygons.
4. It decides maximum distance from selected vertices for deformation.
5. Manually we can decide deformation area by entering both end vertices
6. Attributes are added to generated wind control at base vertex
7. Decide the Base to End (i.e., Top to Down or Down to Top) by Reverse Setup Direction Option
8. No. Of Joints Options can helps to give more flexibility of wind effect

Python Scripting : Anim Arc Editor In 3d View


Download this script from PythonScripting
To edit animation in 3d view by creating the arc in the same path; update the animation later by deleting the generated arc