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as_HyperPoint (as_EasyQuad) : Auto Joints Placer For Quadruped Rigs


Hi This Is One More New Post

as_HyperPoint (as_EasyQuad) : Auto Joints Placer For Quadruped Rigs

"Now joints' placement for quadruped rigs is just a piece of cake.."

Introducing as_HyperPoint(Quads) with as_EasyQuad (Auto Quadruped Rigging Tool)

Tested on 3 models - Wolf, Horse and Elephant ..

Still I am in need of more models for testing as_HyperPoint (Quads)

Still R&D is going on for the better placement of joints ..

And more editing tools are WIP for for faster editing of joints placements ..

asNode -- A Node Based Auto Rigging In Maya (Part 01 : Video Tutorial)


asNode played major role while developing as_HyperPoint for as_EasyQuad.

With this, Development time has been reduced drastically.

Here goes the link about asNode:

Hope you enjoy it ..

as_EasyExp (Facial Rigging)- Lips Auto Rigger & Hyper Skinning


as_EasyExp (Facial Rigging) : Lips N Eyes Auto Rigger with Auto Skinning For Lips ..

For the first time I have done Titles Design & Animation. Hope you like it ..
Check the same video for main presentation on facial rigging tools soon.

1. Generate the lip curves from selected edges on lips
2. One click to generate complete lips rig
3. Supports integration with different pipelines
4. Hyper Skinning (Auto Skinning) on Lips and Eye Lids
5. Auto orientation of controls
6. Pipeline friendly - Global Scaling etc

It can be downloaded for free from this location:

as_EasyPicker - Advance Picker GUI Designer (R&D)


Creates Picker GUI directly from the rig controls and view port

1. Adding more buttons like ik/fk, mirror pose etc.
2. Adding more custom buttons
3. Removing overlaps between various buttons
4. Different size GUIs from same background
5. Facial GUI Creation
6. More options for customization
7. as_PickWalker - To walk through the different controls when they are hidden

2015 Scripting ShowReel


as_HyperPoint (Auto Bird Rigging) : Auto Joints Placer


"Now joints' placement for bird rigs is just a piece of cake.."
Introducing as_HyperPoint(Birds) with as_EasyBird (Auto Bird Rigging Tool)
Tested and proven on many bird rigs in production. Tight integration with as_EasyBird Tool.

asNode -- A Node Based Auto Rigging In Maya (Part 01 : Video Tutorial)
asNode played major role while developing as_HyperPoint for as_EasyBird.
With this, Development time has been reduced drastically.
Here goes the link about asNode:

Watch as_EasyBird Other Videos:
1. Auto Bird Rigging In Maya (Crow Rigging)
2. Auto Bird Rigging : Presentaiton on tail controls
3. Rigging Wing Feathers on Peacock

Hope you enjoy it ..

as_EasySnake (Auto Snake Rigging Tools) : Scaling & Path Animation


Hi This Is One More New Post Download This Free Maya Snake Rig From My Web Site:


Now this tool is available for sale. For details, contact :

Prepared this video based on one of my client request, to attach scaled snake rig to motion path..



00:05  - Scaling & Path Animation

02:32  - File download information

Various Other Tools for Snakes:


1. (Auto Snake Rigging Tool)

2. as_PathAnim (To Animate Snake Along Path)

3. as_SnakePaths (To Create Multiple Snake Paths)

4. as_MultiSnakes(To Animate Multiple Snakes Along Multiple Paths on Ground or Human Body etc.)

Advanced Snake Features will be shown in my next video.

Coming Soon: Multiple Snakes Crawling Animation on body and ground with Scripting:



1. Various Types of Ctrl Shapes

2. Selection of No. of Joints and No. Of Ctrls

3. Flexibility at both ends

4. Initial Selection Type: Curve or Jnts

5. Ctrl Type: Grouped or Cluster Ctrl

6. Ctrl Parent Style: Individual or Parented to Next Ctrl

7. Random Ctrl Colors

8. Path Animation: Easy Snake Animation Along Path

9. Crawling Setup for Snake motion

10. Hyper Smooth for Skinning

New Updates:


1. Create Basic Hierarchy

2.  Eyes Setup

3. Jaw Setup

4. Tongue Setup (in progress)

as_EasySnake Usage : Watch Following Demo (Usage In Movie)


You Can Watch: Advanced Hyper Skinning System


Advanced Hyper Skinning System -New Features & as_SmoothNearest (Auto Sk...


Hi This Is One More New Post

You don't have to sweat bullets about Skinning anymore. Yep, I am serious! Rig anything from Props, toddlers to Beasts with my Flagship product "Advanced Hyper Skinning System". Stay tuned for the official release.

The critical part in any skinning is Division Of Regions according to Joints. Hyper Skinning can divide the skinning regions easily and Its weighting system is unique in its nature.. Even hyper skinning has joint level control with attributes 'blendMethod' and 'blendValue'. It's hyper smooth and as_SmoothNearest options are unbeatable. After Hyper Skinning, only maya skinCluster remains. No need of additional deformers. Hyper Skinning uses Maya's default 'Smooth Bind' option. After hyper skinning rig is as light as earlier with updated skinning. And its unique algorithm, preserves volume at different regions like elbows and shoulders..

Bilal Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) Animation Movie HD


Worked as a lead rigger for this movie..
Responsible for all rigging work.. 

asNode (Part 01) -- One node for most of the Rigging Work in Maya (Video Tutorial)


Hi This Is One More New Post

asNode -- One node for most of the Rigging Process in Maya (Updated with Quick Example)

asNode along with example code as shown in video is available for free download here  :


This node is the key module in maya rigging process. One node for the most of the rigging process.
asNode is still going to include many general methods required for rigging / animation process.
It played key role in hyper skinning system as shown in below video:
asNode was developed with the inspiration from PyNode in PyMel, But with extended support to Rigging process.
And this doesn't depend on PyNode in PyMel. Its purely depends only on Maya api and maya.cmds.

1. One node for most of the general process in Maya Rigging
2. asNode was developed with the inspiration from PyNode in PyMel
3. It has extensive support to Rigging and  General Pipeline.
4. Doesn't depend on any external modules like PyMel
5. Purely depends on maya.cmds and maya python api
6. Increase programming speed in rigging & pipeline upto 3-4 times
7. A Node with true Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
8. Auto completion list varies with change in node type
9. Tight Integration With All Auto Rig tools like (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig, as_EasyQuad etc.)

2014.09.08 -- Updated asNode.rar with help file on all methods by adding 'asNode.pypredef'. Open it with wordpad
2014.09.21 -- Test files are added in asNode.rar for asN.addChild, asN.mConstrain etc
2015.02.05 -- Auto completion methods will update and change according the selection type of object
2015.02.06 -- Fixed the method : asN.jntOrient and added new methods : asN.get_2PosExtn, asN.get_2PosVect.
And added new example maya files

Future Updates:
1. More rigging and pipeline related methods will be added to asNode

Apply asNode on any maya node and then start using following methods:
[ '_selected', 'addAttr', 'addAttrDivider', 'addChild', 'addPrefix', 'addSuffix', 'applyCtrlColor', 'asObj', 'attr', 'capitalize', 'center',
'centerPivot', 'child', 'connectAttr', 'connectionInfo', 'connections', 'constrainTo', 'contains', 'count', 'decode', 'delete', 'deleteAttr',
 'deleteHistory', 'deleteKey', 'deleteNode', 'deselect', 'disconnectAttr', 'distanceTo', 'dupeNVersionUp', 'duplicate', 'encode',
 'endswith', 'expandtabs', 'extendToParent', 'extendToShape', 'extractNum', 'find', 'format', 'freeze', 'fullName', 'getAttr',
'getChildren', 'getDirPos', 'getDirVect', 'getFaceList', 'getInputs', 'getNearestVtx_OnMesh', 'getOutputs', 'getPos', 'getPosJnt',
 'getPosLoc', 'getPos_Old', 'getPos_Vtx', 'getRot', 'getShape', 'getSibIndex', 'getVtxList', 'grpIt', 'grpIt_Old', 'hasAttr',
'hasAttrLocked', 'hasChild', 'hasParent', 'hasShape', 'hasUniqueName', 'hide', 'index', 'intersects', 'isChildOf', 'isCurv',
'isJnt', 'isLastJnt', 'isLoc', 'isMesh', 'isNodeType', 'isParentOf', 'isShape', 'isSkinMesh', 'isTrans', 'isalnum', 'isalpha', 'isdecimal',
'isdigit', 'islower', 'isnumeric', 'isspace', 'istitle', 'isupper', 'jntAxis', 'jntDist', 'jntOrient', 'jntOrientTo', 'jntRadius', 'join',
 'listConstraints', 'listHistory', 'listLockedAttrs', 'listRelatives', 'ljust', 'lockAttrs', 'longName', 'longestObj', 'lower', 'lstrip',
'mConstrain', 'mDistance_BB', 'mDistance_Vtx', 'moveAnimTo', 'moveAnimToGrp', 'moveValuesFromGrps', 'moveValuesToGrp',
'name', 'nearestObj', 'nearestPointOn', 'nextSeriesNode', 'nextUniqueName', 'nextVar', 'nodeType', 'numChildren', 'obj',
 'openAttrs', 'parent', 'parentTo', 'partition',
'pickWalkDown', 'pickWalkLeft', 'pickWalkRight', 'pickWalkUp', 'prefixHI', 'rename', 'reorderDeformers', 'replace', 'reverseConnect',
 'rfind', 'rindex', 'rjust', 'root', 'rotateBy', 'rpartition', 'rsplit', 'rstrip', 'scaleBy', 'searchReplaceAll', 'select', 'selectHI',
'selectSeries', 'selectSiblings', 'setAttr', 'setName', 'setPos', 'setRot', 'setSibIndex', 'shape', 'shapeCtrl', 'shortName', 'show',
'snapPivTo', 'snapPosTo', 'snapRotTo', 'snapShpTo', 'split', 'splitlines', 'startswith', 'strip', 'stripNum', 'swapcase', 'template',
 'title', 'transferAnimTo', 'transferAnimToGrp', 'translate', 'translateBy', 'unfreezeRotation', 'unfreezeTrans', 'unparent', 'untemplate']

Testing the asNode:
create two spheres named 'pSphere1' and 'pSphere2'
And then, Run these commands from python window

from asNode import *
p2 =asNode('pSphere2')
asN =asNode('pSphere1')

#_ That's it, then start using:
asN.snapPivTo(p2)   #_ Now pSphere1's pivot is at 'pSphere2'
Create any maya poly object or locator then try this command
from asNode import *
node =asN._selected()[0]   #_ asN is short form for selecting selected objects..
node.rename('Ball')            #_ Rename to 'Ball'
node.addSuffix('_Sph')       #_ Now it adds '_Sph' suffix to the ball, But still node is updated with all these changes

Hyper Skinning System (Advance Feature) : Solve Fingers By Subbu Addanki



Its dream for many artists to see next phase in automation for skinning process

Now Hyper Skinning System comes with Advance feature : Solve Fingers (Additional treatment for fingers' skinning)

It is the only system it shows the automation process in skinning in video form on Internet..

Its unique in its nature to deliver best results like volume preservation at various areas on character.

Now it becomes more powerful with its advance features.. Solve Fingers & Smooth Nearest

I have utilized the Great Dane model in this presentation which is downloaded from

Special Thanks to Chris Baker for such a awesome model. It suits my requirement in this presentation..

Thanks to my beloved wife Prasanna for her support in this process and giving name 'Hyper Skinning'.

She derived that word from 'Hyper Active Kids..'

as_HyperSkin (Advance)


For Details Contact At:  or

ADVANCED HYPER SKINNING SYSTEM -Save your time in Skinning..


Visit For More Details:


F e a t u r e s


1. Volume Preservation at shoulders, hips & elbow like areas

2. Reduces Most Of The Skinning Process

3. Works On All Rigs (Biped, Bird, Quad, Snake etc.)

4. Works On Selected Vertices

5. Advance Feature : Solving Joints For Fingers / Toes

6. Advance Feature : Smooth Nearest Vertices (as_SmoothNearest)

7. Hyper Smooth : Automated Smooth Process

8. Auto Creation of 'Geo Centric Discs' including their shapes

9. Tight Integration With Auto Rigs (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig, as_EasyQuad etc.)

10. Works On Non-Manifold Geometry Also

11. Disposable Discs after usage, So No Extra burden to the Rig..

his Beware the Batman - 101 - Hunted


Worked as a Character Supervisor for this TV series. Designed some of the tools like: as_AutoClavicle, as_SilhoutteCtrl, as_EasyZipper and Hair rigging tools. Developed various tools and solutions for Multi Layered Hair rigging for Katana like characters..

Advanced Hyper Skinning System (Art & Technic) -By Subbu Addanki


My dream for the past 2 years has come true. as_HyperSkin is a result of 2 years R&D.
Finally, Scripting has proven it's potential in Skinning also.
My ambition is to develop one script to handle all skin tasks for all rigs(Bi-ped, Quad, Snake, Bird etc..)
Now we are seeing here :)

as_HyperSkin (Advanced)
Tentative Release Date: 28/02/2013

Visit For More Details:


1. Disc & Volume Based Hyper Skinning System (Easy to Editable Discs)
2. New Attrs : BlendMethod & BlendValue (Customize Your Each Joint Skin)
3. Volume Preservation At All Areas Including Shoulders & Hips
4. Works On Any Rig (Biped, Bird, Quad, Snakes etc.)
5. Reduces Most Of The Skinning Process
6. Works On Selected Vertices
7. Retain Default Skinning On Selected Vertices
8. Hyper Smooth - Automated Smooth Process
9. Auto Creation of 'Advanced Discs' & Their Usage.
10. Generates Skinning From Scratch..
11. Tight Integration With Auto Rigs (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig, as_EasyQuad etc.)

Watch Other Hyper Skin Videos:
1. Hyper Skinning System -v1.0:
2. Hyper Skinning System -v0.4 :
3. Skinning Transfer :
4. Snake Rigging Tool Kit:
Visit My Blog for more details:

Welcome to the world of Automation (Auto Rigging Junky)

Automated Multi Snakes Animation -By Subbu Addanki


We need to automate and animate multiple snakes initially planned for 200 snakes.
These snakes are magical snakes : They are flying in the air, jumping in to flames, crawling on the ground and then falling in to pit.

All these actions (animation) is achieved by automated multiple snakes animation

as_MultiSnakes & as_MultiPaths : Features
1. Automation of Multi Snakes Animation
2. Multi Snakes Crawling On Body
3. Multi Snakes Crawling On Floor
4. Automated Wave Motion For Snakes
5. Travel Along Motion Paths
6. Automated Multi Paths Creation On Ground and Body
7. Special Tools For Editing Snakes Animation
8. Automated  Attachment Of Snakes to Motion Paths
9. Multi Snaks Integration With as_EasySnake (Auto Snake Rigging)

Visit For More At: