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--Described below is what I have done--


Endhiran (Tamil) / Robo (Telugu) -2010-
Auto Rigging For Mosquitoes (3d Characters)

Endhiran (Tamil) / Robo (Telugu) -Movie
R&D, Rigging & Auto Rigging For Mosquitoes (3d Characters).

Endhiran (Tamil) / Robo (Telugu) -Previz

All Models & 52 Rigs, Climax Formations & Transformations are done with Scripting (Previz)

Formations By Scripting (Previz):
1. Ball (Formation)
2. Ball Expansion (Transformation)
3. Ball --> Tube (Transformation)
4. Tube --> Wall (Transformation)
5. Drill (Formation)
6. Snake (Formation)
7. Porcupine (Formation)
8. Ladder  (Formation)
9. Giant Robot (Robot of Robots' Formation)


Magadheera (Telugu) -2010-

Rigging for all falling soldiers (Digital Doubles) and Rag doll simulation for one soldier falling from path ( Time -> 0:50 to 0:55 )

Magadheera (Telugu) -Movie

R&D and support for cloth simulation to heroine cloths

Magadheera (Telugu) -Previz

Rigging for two characters in Magadheera Previz.
Made two character rigs in Very Less Time by Auto-Rig done by me 


Am proud to be part of 'Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu' -a Disney movie
My role in this is : Rigger  & Tools Developer (Hair & Snakes etc.)
Now we are in the news of 'Animation-Xpress' (Under last but one title)
 - Subbu (Subbaiah)      


Rigging & Scripting Show Reel -2011

Auto Rigging for Insects ( Butterflies )

Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu (2011)
(Hair Snakes in Irendri Vs Moksha : 3:45 to 4:43)

Hair Movement - Each hair is rigged with Python Scripting
Hair Snakes - Rigged with Scripting and Selection tools given
In-Between Hair - Added and Animated with Python Scripting


(as_SnakeKit -Auto Snake Rigging)

Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu (2011)
(Grill Snakes, Creature Hair & Head Snakes)

Since Grill Snakes' length Is More there are Many Twists happened, Old Animation is retrieved on to new rigs with Python Snapping Script
Sine Movement In Hair and Snakes - Auto Animation & Auto Rigging 
Snakes on Creature Head - Auto Animation with different speeds.
Auto Animation Script is demonstrated at this link

(Myra Birth and Flying Hair In Red Color)

All Flying Red Hair and Myra Birth Snakes are Rigged by Scripting On-The-Fly corrections are done with Python Programming

(My first production rig - Wild Boar)

(Wild Boar Rigging)

(Wild Boar Rigging)

Infosys Shopping Trip360 -The Future of Retail

Developed Rack Formation Script in python for  
Infosys commercial add


 Downtown Films - a new feature film production company 
--A signature show-opener--

Rigged bubble with animation friendly features like stretch and squash for this prestigious project