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This is the pipe line script. It is useful to transfer skinning from one mesh to another mesh including influence weights also. Normally it is difficult to select same number of joints and influence objects and do skinning again once mesh changed or unwrapping is done later.

 The above two videos are for Blender Scripting.


Watch Installation Procedure Tutorial Here

The above two video shows how to create 'Skin Controls' for various deformations in facial rigging.


Download 'as_AnimArcEditor' from CreativeCrash here

This video shows how to edit your animation in view port itself by creating an arc for animated ctrl in 3d view.



Jens Meisner said...

Hello Subbu Addanki,

thanks for your python tutorials using Blender!

It is helpful getting started with Python scripting in general. I use Blender for my professional freelance work, want to stick with it.

Great work!

Hope you carry on making tutorials for Blender beside Maya.


Subbu said...


You are welcome. Thanks for your appreciation.


Alex Taylor said...

i cant seem to find away for Pm so ill link you,



thank you very much