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Hyper Skinning System For Maya (Art & Technic)


My dream for the past 2 years has come true.
Finally, Scripting has proven its area in Skinning also. 
My ambition is to develop one script to handle all skins in all rigs. Now we are seeing here

It Automates Skinning Process In Maya by combination of Art & Technic

1. Volume Preservation At Shoulders & Hips
2. Reduces Most Of The Skinning Time
3. Works On All Rigs (Biped, Bird etc.)
4. Works On All Selected Vertices
5. Retain Default Skinning On Selected Vertices
6. Start Hyper Skinning From Default Skin 
On Selected Vertices At Any Time
7. Hyper Smooth - Automated Smooth Process

Modules Used
eRig, eMath, spRig

Work In Progress
1. Runtime Skin Correction at various poses
2. Special tools for Better feel at elbow areas
3. Tight integration with Auto Rigs (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig etc.)


Julian Tewkesbury said...

This looks like a fabulous system. Is it available for sale?


Subbu said...

Thanks Julian for your interest and appreciation. Right now it is not available for sale.

Anonymous said...

hello mr subbu nice to meet you,
I like your project is an excellent way, the program is free or will have cost, respectfully take long time, estare ansioso por el resultado final,thank you very much

Subbu said...

Thanks for your interest and appreciation. Right now it is not available in either way